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World TB Day capsules

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UNITAID and TB Alliance Call For More Action Against Childhood Tuberculosis
In TB Fight, Children Must Be a Priority

In spite of an estimated 500,000 new annual cases of children with tuberculosis (TB), there are no appropriate medicines for them, UNITAID and the TB Alliance warn. TB, one of the world’s most neglected diseases with almost no new treatments developed in the past 50 years, is one of the top ten causes of childhood death. TB mostly affects the world’s poorest; among those, the most vulnerable are children.

EXPOSED. The Race Against Tuberculosis

EXPOSED is a four-part series of short films that tell the story of the deadly global epidemic of tuberculosis. The series will portray the struggles of four inspiring individuals – an MDR-TB survivor, a TB doctor, a clinical trial volunteer, and a TB vaccine researcher – bringing viewers to the forefront of the race against tuberculosis. Click here to learn more about the upcoming series

For World TB Day 2013, ECDC focuses on extrapulmonary tuberculosis.

ECDC launches a video documentary that focusses on this form of the disease. In the video two patient stories illustrate how extrapulmonary TB diagnosis can be elusive, postponing proper treatment and care. Please find the links to the Patient stories an video documentary on extrapulmonary tuberculosis.

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