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The Stop TB Award for Excellence in Reporting on Tuberculosis – last date 30 April 2011

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This is a great opportunity for journalists who have been writing on TB during the year gone by, despite shrinking or absent spaces in newspapers and journals for the issue. I’d like to articulate a possibly uninformed thought here. In my understanding, Awards for journalism are the front end of a long backend process. The backend process should ideally consist of intensive efforts to build capacities of large numbers of journalists to write informed reports on TB. Then they should be encouraged to write stories with the help of small bursaries and travel grants. This backend process results in quality stories.

I know this works and I am fortunate to have been part of such efforts through The EU-India Media Initiative on HIV/AIDS and can say with confidence that the process we were taken through helped us to write stories that sold, and stories that media houses saw value in. The Award came at the end of the initiative as the frontend effort. This holistic package is badly needed for TB journalism and sooner the better. We don’t have time to wait if we want quality and quantity coverage on TB. It takes sustained resources and will to do this.

Bharathi Ghanashyam

About the Stop TB Award
The Stop TB Award for Excellence in Reporting on Tuberculosis fosters, recognizes and awards outstanding reporting in print that materially increases the public’s knowledge and understanding of tuberculosis (TB), including multidrug-resistant TB, in countries affected by the disease. The award is supported by the Lilly MDR-TB Partnership.

More details available here

Written by JournalistsAgainstTB

February 27, 2011 at 7:01 am

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